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8onabight near Washington in Houston

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Pastes show up and I oblige. A stern, bespectacled face wafting Walter White vibes popped up in central Houston.

Hammy” hes left a few pieces up around this neighborhood this year — would have liked to snap a Trump Clown paste of theirs but not until four eyes here did the magical intersection of paste and lens come to pass. This visage, along with Johnny Rotten’s, a little further south, ogled traffic in late March.

8onabight near Washington in Houston

I held off from posting more very beautiful mural work what turned out to be a few months, waiting for some more free-range kin to make an appearance on street corners. Aside from a traditional Halloween hello from line-master eyesore, it stayed quiet.

Seems the drought continues for the best of reasons — paying gigs for surreptitious painters and designers that haunted busy intersections and billboards a few years ago. But leaves me wondering what I’ll do with this space if newcomers don’t arrive.

Anyway, some gorgeous mural work up in northwest Houston went in this fall as part of the Meeting of Styles. The main focus was downtown, but Canadian-Chilean artist Shalack Attack left this along the bike trail. She works endangered animals and fantastical themes into her work, and such as the river otter and  python here. Looks like an oil pipeline sticking out of the log, too.

otter confusion
Meeting of Styles piece in Inwood from Canadian-Chilean artist Shalak Attack

I also like the deep sea disaster below, but never came up with an ID.

MOS wasn’t the only fall mural mash. The alleyway over at Winter Street Studios is lined with paint, though in quarters that make it a little tough to shoot. Here’s this familiar face.

bat, man
eyesore’s bat print, bigger than life. part of the artwall over at silver street studios.